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Benu Lahiry

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
CA# 131777 WA# 61171625

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What I believe

Therapy is for all of us, but what it means and how it works is unique to each of us. While we share much in common, we all carry experiences, beliefs, dreams, and fears that are ours alone. They give us our distinct perspectives. They shape our present and future, often in surprising ways.

I tailor my therapeutic approach to suit what makes you uniquely you. I like to explore how our pasts shape our current experience. I focus on our relationships, as our attachments often are a driving force in how we go about our daily lives. Oftentimes, these attachments go unexamined, causing or reinforcing behaviors that we find unhelpful or even damaging. Sometimes we all need help identifying those behaviors and their triggers, and finding solutions to better address them.

I want very much to hear your story, and help you identify and overcome challenges that impact your relationships and daily life. I offer a welcoming, safe, and judgment-free space where you can be your most honest self. I work hard to make sure my clients feel heard and supported. I will listen carefully to you and offer tailored perspectives and ideas to help you maximize your strengths, conquer obstacles, and live a happier life.

Where I come from

I was born and raised in Appalachia. I’ve lived in small towns and big cities on both coasts. I earned my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, and my bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College.

Prior to pursuing my Master’s, I co-founded a technology retail company in San Francisco. I experienced firsthand the unique highs and lows that come with intense responsibility and demands. I developed tools to cope with those pressures, and helped others find their own. Those experiences cemented my desire to become a therapist.

Working with you

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story. Knowing what you’ve been through and what’s important to you will help us define goals you can work towards. I’m excited to support you in making lasting positive changes.

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